Public Personnel Management (PAD871) deals with the people (work force) in an organised setting. It focuses on measures to ensure that the oganisation obtains and keeps skilled and knowledgeable workforce required and engages these workforce efficiently so as to help them actualize the organisations goals.

To achieve this, the following questions are posed;
- what type of workforce are required?
- what number of workforce are required?
- what skills and behaviour are required to support the achievement of the organisation's goal?
- what are the retention strategy in place?
- Is there any talent management strategy in place? and so on.

These questions and more will be influenced by the type of the orgnaistion concerned and what their goals are.

In summary, the philosophy behind studying the human side of the factors of production is that it is PEOPLE (personnel, human resource, workforce) who implement the strategic plans of the organisation aimed at actualizing their corporate goals.